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Just My Opinions About Posters


I just wanted to say:

  • I come to this forum because I like some posters and their posts. I like it when people just be who they are (despite I agree or disagree with them, despite I like them or not). A little jokes here and there is good. Whether it´s online or offline, I like it when people just be who they are with all their flaws and strong points. I believe there is always a room to improve for anyone if they want to.

  • If there are some sellers say/write something bad (bad according to some people doesn´t mean bad to me), they will be the ones who wouldn´t get sales from the people who don´t like their posts. But I believe many buyers don´t care about the personality that sellers show in the forum because they care more about your great skills and how professional you work.

  • I don´t think some sellers´ behaviors in the forum have anything to do with how many sales other sellers make, so if anyone thinks so, please double check your personality and past posts, it is probably YOUR own that causes it, if it causes it at all.

  • I don´t come to this forum to sort out sellers (yes, of course some other buyers do). If it happens I have bought from one or two sellers who I have bumped into in the forum, it just happens so. Most sellers I have bought from I got them from browsing and sorting them out.

  • The personality some sellers show in the forum is different than how they are when dealing with orders. This forum is a casual room. I can say this because I have dealt with one or two sellers I know from the forum and they are funny and casual in the forum, but when dealing with orders they are TOTALLY different, they are TOTALLY professional. I am not saying that all sellers I have bumped into in the forum are professional when dealing with orders, but I believe many are. Besides, people who are in the forum are real people (not robots), so of course they have different personalities.

-The End-


Absolutely. My tone is different when dealing with potential prospects on and when commenting in the Forums.

Something similar to this analogy: A professional businessman is professional at work wearing a suit and tie, but at times, when he’s out with his friends he dresses casually and has some small talk.


  • At work he’s professional.
  • At the bar, he’s having fun.


Very, very good way to explain it. :slightly_smiling_face: