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Just my own opinion


Everybody says that the most important are good Star 5ers reviews.
As for me I think that the most important is to be visible in key searches - in index.
The very first orders came with NO star on my wall - I would be happy to keep this situation.
I don’t care now about stars. They are useless when Gig keeps sinking and doomed to be invisible.
I would prefer to be visible in the system with NO STAR. I don’t want stars. I can’t control it - I would switch off all reviews if I can.

I will start my new Gig today, tomorrow and I know that it will have much more chance to be visible (for a while) because it’s new - rotation is life for new Gigs.
After my new Gig’s getting a few orders the Fiverr system will start killing & sinking it - I will delete this Gig and create a new one for NEW LIFE - NEW ROTATION :slight_smile:

For low level Gigs only Rotation is Life. But like butterflies low level Gigs live very short life. Many people here are angry on the Rotation - I decided to use it or try to use :slight_smile: I don’t risk - nothing to lose :slight_smile:

It’s only my opinion - may be I’m not right. Simply I love experiments.
I can control Google(in many situations), but I can’t control Fiverr, but I start understanding how it works inside, and I see that nothing deppends on me :slight_smile: :frowning:

Simply Game with index.

Don’t want stars. I don’t care about them.
So my 26 orders gave me $*** - I think it’s the maximum for my current Gig which is doomed to be invisible. It keeps sinking. Almost dead.

So Long Live Rotation 4 New Gigs!


Suddenly hideen the gig from search function! :(
Messed up search list

Interesting plan. Keep the thread updated, please.


OK. As you I do traslations too - it’s about my translation Gig - I will start my new one - today, tomorrow.

I don’t know about people’s Gigs, but I see that my new ones will have a chance to be visible for about 2 months. Then they will have to die(to be invisible - nothing can be done for them) The system will sink them.


Is that rotation happening just on translations category?
My Gig is at more or less the same position since more than 1 year, if that rotation exists, then all the gigs in my category just spin…


I don’t know about another categories a lot. I’m monitoring just only my one.
Just looked your gig - I think you don’t need to worry :slight_smile:
Simply my Gig was f**ked by the system and I started studdying the Fiverr’s algorithm.
I think I know the reason, but what is bad - I understand that I can’t save my Gig. It keeps sinking and nothing can be done. Rotation takes low level Gigs mostly - not like your one :slight_smile:


My powerpoint gig used to have around 3k impressions, and now It has 1.1k so I actually think that there is some rotation going on…


Check all you main keys/keyphrases in search from the beginning to the end.
If index lost 1 or 2 keys tell it to CS. The system keeps losing now main keys.
I mean - not their position - check that all the words work for your Gig

for example: 2-3 keys are needed for my Gig. They all must be connected to my index


New gigs will get a boost at the beginning, otherwise they wouldn’t have a chance.

However I would disagree that reviews are useless. I’m also a buyer and I don’t usually buy gigs without reviews. It has to be an amazing gig to get my attention without a single review :slight_smile:

I don’t have enough data to support it, but quite often when I deliver an order and get a review, my gig impressions increase. I’m pretty sure reviews impact ranking in search. It’s in Fiverr’s best interest to promote gigs with positive reviews because behind every review is an order and Fiverr gets 20%.

So creating a new gig will give you a boost, but reviews will help you in the long run. More importantly, reviews impact your conversion. 100 impressions mean nothing if your conversion is 0 because buyers don’t wish to take a chance on newbies with 0 reviews.


Reviews only increase your chances of making a sale. Having a new gig may put you in the new arrivals at first however after a few orders your gig will then be taken out of the new arrivals category.

One of the many ways to keep your gig relevant is to have constant deliveries. How to obtain orders are one thing but if you skillfully bid in the buyer requests section and keep on updating your gig for the better your gig will be seen and will be profitable.


You are right. We all are right - many people means many opinions.
Yes, reviews are good thing.
But when my Gig was visible I had the first orders without any star. Without discussions - simply good orders -> work. (up to 23Gigs per one order)
But suddenly the situation changed, I thought that my Gig is not good enough and changed it everyday untill simply understood that it’s invisible for people - I mean low positions.
My (Gigs) reputation is perfect and so on.
Looking on my Gig I see that the system gave to it about 2 months than scheduled to sink it.
And I think I can do nothing to save it, it keeps sinking.
Tomorrow I will run my new one and it’s ok if it will be on the top of the rotation for 1-2 months.
As for me I would prefer to be visible with NO star than to be invisible.


Reviews are good thing but not the most important (like in my situation).
The most important is to be visible. I mean search positions

This is my opinion.

I know if I will be visible with NO star I will have my orders
If I will be invisible with many stars I won’t have orders