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Just need to ask 2 questions please give me your suggestions :-)

Got Two questions Please answer both and give Your suggestions (I don’t want to contact Custom Support … Just need your suggestions :slight_smile: )

Q#1:- Fiverr Banned my 2 accounts in 1 month (1st was lv.1 which was banned because I sent a message to buyer regarding his work) and 2nd was because me and my friend were using same IP at same time and both got our accounts banned and According to fiverr I was using more than 1 account so the question is should i make a new account on same old laptop with new windows and new Internet connection more carefuly?

Q#2 Or Should I use fiverr on my android but i already logged in my old banned account in it , after clearing chache will i able to make a new account ?

I’m asking these from a friends account Thank You !

No. Don’t make a third account. You were already breaking the rules with two accounts. Don’t try to find ways around the rules. Your third account could likely be banned because you already have two others.

If you want to know what is allowed, as a result of your existing bans, ask Customer Support. They are the only ones that can clarify your situation.