Just need to know about indian sellers can we join any event?


Hello ,

i was seen many events on fiverr and its all launched at fiverr’s hometown we always waiting for event but we cant join with it because we are not there so please let us know fiverr will set up any event globally so we can get fun with you …



The forum is mainly for discussion between sellers and buyers. Fiverr staff doesn’t typically respond to posts, though they do sometimes make announcements. This page might be useful for you if you are wanting to join or host an event:


Your request is unlikely to come into fruition from Fiverr OFFICIALLY in the nearby future.

I would recommend purchasing tickets to fly :airplane_departure: to the nearest location of the next Fiverr event to join the EXCITING group. :wink:


i like your idea but in india many seller who want to join with us so it’s fair if here announce any event… :slight_smile:


thanks for share this page with us