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Just need to rant really quick

Probably one of the most frustrating things about working here is having to deal with buyers who blame everything on you, the seller, even when there is no logical way that it could be my fault. It’s not my fault if Fiverr is, for some reason, not sending me your messages. It’s not my fault that you didn’t realize that you actually have to submit something on the order page in order for it to actually enter my queue and start counting down.

Don’t get me wrong–I’m more than willing to help out and explain things to a confused buyer. I get it, the system is confusing, especially when you’re new. But getting defensive and then accusatory when I suggest that it is actually the buyer’s fault if the order isn’t placed properly and not mine (seriously…I have zero control over the ordering system and zero control over whether or not you, as a person, submit something into the instructions area) is not cool.

Totally feel you. I’ve had a lot of buyers like that lately. It’s because people just feel more entitled in today’s world. I had two “great” buyers lately, if it makes you feel better.

Buyer 1: Ordered a gig and said, “Hello.”

That’s it. Just paid me $5 to say hello and that they were testing the system. Wasting my time having to refund that guaranteed negative review.

Buyer 2: I get the inbox message (and I HATE this), “What do you need to get started?”

Again, that’s it. Not who they are, what they want, what they’re trying to do, what kind of content they even want. Just, "What do you need to get started?

My answer to buyer #2? A billion dollars.

He was confused, so I told him what I needed from him to give him a real answer. He said I was a bad seller and that he was going to let people know in his review. Good luck, guy who’s wearing a karate outfit and a purple sash. Leave a review on whatever imaginary site that’s going to read about me, seeing as how we didn’t do business.

I’m sorry I just had to laugh at this comment that you posted levinewman!

Yes they blame you for their failure to read simple instructions, this is the thing that pees me off more than anything. Just recently I had a running dialogue with a “future” client, long story short we agreed that they would send me a track list to make a mix, I would go over it and tell them what can and can’t be mixed due to all the various factors and get back to them in my own time, so what happens, the next day I login and they’ve ordered 4 gigs in a row with a track list that is barely good enough to make 1 mix, let alone 4! When I ask them what happened to me doing it in my own time that’s when they attacked me and tried to make it look like it was my fault for their failure to adhere to basic instructions, I mean seriously the nerve of some ppl is amazing! Even after I explained why I couldn’t do these mixes and would be willing to redo them if they sent me stuff I could mix, they still cracked their little tanty and wanted to cancel trying to add further insult by telling me their last “DJ” could have done it and that I was inferior, I basically told them to go back and use him then if he’s so great but obviously their previous DJ gave up on them because they’re too demanding and a pain in the azz, LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a doozy to deal with later. So he ordered my basic gig which has 10 words, sent me someone else’s brief that had no real indication of what was needed (other than a “we need a web presence”–thanks for the direction, guys) and opened up the dialog with “is it 10 words or 100?”

So I sent him 11, with a detailed description of what it was and how it was a headline and if we were to progress etc. Fiverr glitched. He couldn’t download the file, either through incompetence or the glitch–it’s hard to say–and now says, wide-eyed, but this is just a title?

I mean, I’ve only just noticed he placed the damn order back in November so !!! It’s all here…


You’d better watch out now. Ka-POW! Sorry, Levi, I couldn’t resist either. The karate outfit was the best part.

I might hire you to write a 10 word insult to someone. That’s $5, right? I have to think about the right recipient. For $5 and your wit, this has to be done with finesse. Hmmm, do you charge extra for swear words or do those come with it? :wink:

I’m British, and I love swearing. Hell, I’ll do it for free if you provide me with compelling evidence that I should swear at them.

I can also swear in 3 different languages, so you can add a dash of culture to your vulgarity. Or we could just go down the icy English road of sarcasm. Both are fun. I always play the game of “will they spot the sarcasm?” when doing that. Sadly, they rarely do, and I can’t exactly crow about it like it’s a rap battle or something.

Still though, isn’t that guy a grade A moron? He only needed to use his eyeballs to read pertinent information.