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Just now i create this gig , please check my gig if i do any mistake please suggest me i will change it ,

The FAQ does not make sense. This will put buyers off.

i change my faq question you can check again,

Don’t bother doing such a Gig. I, too, have a similar Gig (see here), but of nearly 100 impressions, only 6 have clicked on and viewed it. No sales so far.

The whole ‘WordPress / WP Installation & Setup’ category is oversaturated.

thanks for your suggestion , now tell me what can i do ?

There’s probably not much you (and I) could do. There are just too many people offering the same.

Ask yourself: “What else can I offer besides WordPress?”

If you want help you need to make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.
Those who wish to do so will reply to you. That is how the forum works.

okay… thanks I’ll just do that…
I’m really new here, sorry for that…

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