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Just now I get a popup in my fiverr app contact customer care

5 minutes ago I got a message popup in my fiverr app “contact customer care” then I try to login again in my app dashboard it’s horrible.
Then I restarted my internet connection don’t solve. After that I restarted my cell phone then it’s ok.

Note: in my country we use share ip. My mobile phone two types internet one mobile operators internet another broadband internet. When I am home used WiFi through broadband, outside home it’s switch to mobile operators internet.

And my problem occurs when I am outside using mobile operators internet.

So my question is to all forum users is this a bug of app or fiverr?
Waiting for your valuable comments & solutions.

As I know, for continue fiverr account , we need one laptop/mobile and one internet connection. Many seller use more then one internet connection, but fiverr do not like this.

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not really no , you need one private internet connection that’s not shared with anyone else, I travelled to 7 countries this year and always used a different internet connection, I am also using one pc and one laptop


Thanks for your comment.
Fact is in my country all network is used shared IP recently fiverr solved this issue. Before that many of our account was disable.
Also I used one laptop one mobile, but in a network you can use more than one laptop and fiverr allow that.
But my issue is different