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Just now joined Fiverr. Wanna know the details on how to write a content

Can anyone please let me know on how to start writing??

Hello, welcome to Fiverr.

I’m a bit confused here, it says in your profile that “you write varied product descriptions,” why would you need help with the writing? If you want help with proofreading, I think buying a proof reading/editing gig would be a good start.

You have created your profile. That’s a good start. Now you must “create a gig” to start getting orders.

Hi welcome to Fiverr!

I think you should have a profile picture as it is the first thing they see when they glance upon your gigs. Also, it should try to be reflective of what you are selling!

My profile picture is of me, but in the form of a Lego minifigurine (hahaha). I figured that since my gig involves helping people take profile pictures in Lego-form, it should start the ball rolling, and can act as part of my portfolio too!

Good Luck!!