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Just One Small Step-Captcha

I’m facing this problem whenever i switch to buying. It is appers after 2 pages search.

[ To access Fiverr, please make sure JavaScript is enabled on your browser.
If you still have trouble to access the site, contact Customer Support ]


You may have a browser extension that Fiverr doesn’t like. Try a different browser … or clear your cache …


clear your cache and try again

There seems to be an echo in this thread? :thinking:


… not just this one, Vickie …


clear your cache and try different browser

I wanted to echo too.


Why is everyone saying clear your cache? Shouldn’t the OP just make sure Java is enabled like Fiverr is asking him to?

Maybe try opening Fiverr in an incognito window.

I just like to be different. :wink:

We are saving him a trip to customer support.

Yes, but my point is that if clearting your cache is the best solution, wouldn’t the Fiverr error message say “clear your cache” and not “make sure Java is enabled?”

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I’ve been down this road myself. I was in an endless loop and there was that same message. Now that you mentioned it I might have updated java to get out of it.

Not Java - javascript. Two different things …


I don’t know what either one is. I had a terrible time one night with captcha. Trying to find blurry cars and signs in tiny pictures for an hour. It seemed like it would never end.

I’ve never seen that diabolical version of captcha any place else.


One is a programming language (Java), the other is a scripting language (javascript).

Allowing pretty much any Java program to be executed on your device by a website is asking for trouble - used to happen a lot.

Javascript execution is totally different - needed for most websites to work properly.


That’s why I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t already have javascript, if it’s necessary for most websites.

It needs to be updated every now and again … most things do …

I thought so! I remember I did that and it solved the captcha problem.

so whats the solution of this problem?

Hey everyone listen to me please, i have clear my cache but still facing the same problem of captcha :roll_eyes:

Hello, it’s not a cache problem, make sure your browser supports JavaScript, According to you your browser does not support JavaScript, or it may be blocked,
Check here,

Or if your browser doesn’t support JavaScript, try using Google Chrome Browser.

Hope You can now freely use :grinning:

Try updating javascript. I don’t remember how I found out how to do it but google it.