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Just Opened Up a T-Shirt Manufacturing Company and I'm Looking to Hire More T-shirt designers on Fiverr. Help!


I found an excellent t-shirt designer on Fiverr yesterday and I want to grow my team for my t-shirt manufacturing company because I’m looking for a diverse team of T-shirt designers with a diversity of ideas…

If you know any good T-shirt designer, please let me know

Thank You To My First T-Shirt Designer, Will Work With Him Again And I will Hire More T-Shirt Designers on Fiverr to Grow My Team
In Case Anyone is Looking for A Good T-Shirt Designer. Start Your Search Here - My list of Great T-shirt Designers

You can contact me if you want.



Thanks…I will…and thanks again

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I will create unique T-shirt designs

Contact me now


@hibbertdesigns and @iamsachmusic I have contacted you both…And thanks

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wow great wordpress_whiz, if you need i can help you provide various t-shirt design template,

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I have saved your gig…Will contact you after I finish going through my inventory…Thank in advance…

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thanks waiting for your positive response

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Hello I’m t-shirt expert you can contact with me.


Looking for an awesome t-shirt designer ??
I can provide you t-shirt designs that’s high resolution and ready to print!
Thank you

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contact me for excellent work

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@rs_studio_bd @digiqalgraphics @jennyjordy

I have contacted you all…And thanks

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All the people that responded to my post would be given a chance to work on my T-shirt designs because like I said I want a diverse team of t-shirt designers with different ideas.

I have a wide variety of t-shirts in my manufacturing inventory. So my T-shirt manufacturing company is easy to scale

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Oh my!!!

I just came in to read what the thread was all about and… Holy Moly!!! :flushed::flushed: If you ever come to need an English to Spanish translation, well, please don’t forget me :smiley:

Just kidding, I’m no designer. You all have fun and do a lot of business!!! :wink: :smiley:


hey there @wordpress_whiz
I’m a freelance animator and graphic designer with 7 years experience in advertising agencies.
I’m new on fiverr and looking to build great connections :smiley:
I specialize in Photoshop Illustrator and After Effects. Please keep me in your list of probable suppliers. As I can both do unique Tshirt Designs and provide short promo animations to promote your products (if you think of doing them in future)
All the best with your business :+1:
p.s: the logo in my profile was designed by me too

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If you want my service


@dragointi @emrlanka

Thanks…I’ll contact you both tomorrow…Thanks again


contact me, if you want.

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If you need any kind of Photoshop Editing work you can contact me :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:
I wish you all the very best!


You can hire me

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