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Just order my Pinterest Gig - I guarantee you constant traffic on you blog - You Wont regret it



I’ve been waiting for so long to get my first order. Please guys if you are willing to get real traffic from Pinterest on your blog order it now. Its just $5 and I guarantee you that you won’t regret it. I’ve seen many gigs on fiverr who fail to provide real traffic. Just give my gig a try please. your traffic would keep on growing as the number of my followers grow. when I created this gig, I had 7500 followers but now I have around 10,000 followers. Still waiting for my first order :frowning: .


Please guys , I need just 1 chance to prove my skill


Still waiting for an order :frowning:



12:32AM, 3:32AM, 9:52AM ??


This forum is 99.9% Sellers just like you. We’re all in the same boat. Begging for a sale is not your best move.

It can take weeks and even months to get your first sale on Fiverr. You need to be patient… and promote your gig(s) outside of Fiverr.

Since you are a “full time blogger and a social marketing expert…” try using your expertise to promote you gig.

Good luck!


Reply to @voiceoverwork: Thanks for your reply, Yes you are right that I need to be patient, but it really breaks my heart seeing people buying gigs that doesn’t even provide real traffic. :frowning: I hope that I will start getting sales on regular basis, Just need to get few sales to build buyers trust and to get started over it.