Just out of curosity....any dangerous tags to be aware of?


I’ve a successful running gig in which I offer PHP related solutions and about 30 mins ago I added 2 more tags to my gig labelled as “fix” and “error”. To my surprise, the gig went into a “Pending Review” status. I’d done edits to the same gig many times in the past 2-3 days but it never went for a review.

It’s back online now (that was quick. Thanks Fiverr staff) but it did make me wonder what could have possibly made the gig to go under a review. Are the tags “fix” and “error” problematic in some cases?


Gigs on occasion go into review I have some of mine sometimes pretty normal and the mod team usually have them up and running within 15 mins


Thanks for your feedback. The review didn’t take much time but it did force me think “what did I do wrong here?”


Reply to @asprin: Nothing, some gigs do undergo moderation.