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Just paid thru paypal but nothing showed up anywhere except my receipt email... WHAT DO I DO?

I just paid for a gig, got my email from paypal saying I paid… but nothing else… can’t figure out ANYTHING else other then a colored square near my name with the amount I paid. What’s UP, ??? Can anyone clue me in to how this fiverr works? no confirmation on buying a gig… but how do they fulfill it if they have NO information from me? ??? something is wrong and I can’t find out how to resolve this issue? What do I do?

Read the Fiverr terms of service:

Or contact Customer Support.

Did you complete the order? The seller might have your order in his/her “incomplete” file if you didn’t fill in all the requirements. This just happened to a buyer of mine last week, and she was so confused until I found it in the “incomplete” file and sent it to her to complete.