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Just pass the $1,200 mark - Communication and fast response time is the key to success

It has been a long journey.

Start with selling banner in my app blog and introduced a real manual SEO gig.

First days, did 2,3 hours work just for $5 and now selling custom SEO offers for $250 too.

Getting 100% positive feedback from around the world is more grater than money.

One advice for everyone…

Communication and fast response time is the key to success.

Congratulations. It sure is a happy moment to reach a milestone one creates for him/herself. I reached $500 milestone few days back and my next goal is to reach $1000. I hope I will reach it soon. Best wishes for your success.

Congrats on the achievement! It’s really inspiring to see people succeed with Fiverr!

That’s awesome! how long did it take you to reach that?

Congratulations and wish you continued success in the future.

Actually the ranking of your gig in Fiverr searches is the key to success. If your gig gets a few visits, then your sales dramatically drop.

Congrats!! i am waiting for my next milestone that will be $10000.


Reply to @customrapsongs: I had few different gigs. But with my custom SEO gigs, My Ebook and Custom drop shipping stores. I make average $60per order.

I would say with current Gigs, It will take only 2 Months to get $1000