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Just placed an order help cant find my order

Help I just made an order and they took money out of my account I sent a message to the fiver team I hope someone gets in touch there is no order at all im so confused why they took my money but there is no order???


Mind sharing some screenshot, for us to better understand you?
CS took 10days to reply to your message

Have you submit the order requirement ?

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Hi @ljjesse,

You have to fill out order requirements then your order gets started. You can contact the seller you give the order because sellers got a notification when new orders received.

you can find it here. you can also share a screenshot so that we can help. Cheers!

If you sent a ticket( ), they will contact you, unfortunately they take longer to respond lately, due to COVID. Did you check if the money was automatically returned to your payment provider already, as that’s what seems to happen sometimes and thus no order gets created? Support will help you in any case and either nudge that order into existence, or refund you.

Not sure what happened placed my order and the money was taken but order did not show up anywhere it just dropped off on my bank account so i was able to do it again i think it bugged out and caused a issue

Bugs happen sometimes. I’ve had a customer once who ordered the same gig 3 x … she probably thought the order hadn’t gone through, and tried again. Fiverr refunded the 2 “surplus orders”, of course.
Another time, a regular buyer ordered, and because we’d been talking in the inbox and I noticed that she hadn’t accepted my offer, which was very unusual, I asked her, and she said she had accepted it but that indeed, just like for me, no order showed up. She contacted support, sometime later, the order was there. It doesn’t happen that often, but it does happen. In any case, it will be sorted out, you might need some patience though, as response times currently aren’t as fast.