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Just posted my first gig. Advice on how to get views?

Hola Fiverr community,

I’ve just registered for Fiverr and posted my first Gig.

How long does it normally take to get views on a Gig?

Any tips to make it/my profile more appealing to buyers?

Thanks in advance!


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Welcome to the forum!

Are you sure? Your profile looks totally blank on my computer.


Thank you! I appreciate it.

It says the gig is ‘Active’ although the word English keeps showing with a lowercase letter which is irritating as it doesn’t in ‘Edit’ Mode.

If you can’t see anything… That explains 0 views…

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Oh, right, maybe the gig is waiting to be approved. It shouldn’t take long.

Exciting stuff, eh? :slight_smile:

Make sure all relevant elements of your profile are completed. If you’re working with English, you may want to take a couple of English tests. If you pass them, you’ll receive a mini badge on your profile saying you’ve passed.

Good luck!

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Fingers crossed.


I appreciate you taking the time to give the above tips, I shall take a couple of English tests tonight. :smiley:

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