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Just posted my first gig and I could use some feedback

Hi everyone,

Happy to have joined the Fiverr community! Since I’m pretty new on here and just activated my first gig (which you can find here) I was hoping some of you might have a look and share your thoughts on what I did good and what needs improvement.

I’m hoping to get my first order at least a month after activating so I’d really want to nail down my gig description, imagery, etc.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Welcome to Fiverr family!
Good for you dude!

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Thank you madhu2! Hope it will be worth it :slight_smile:

Which category you chose while creating the gig?

I went with Graphic & Design > Album Cover Design since the gig is titled “I will design you a professional album cover”

great! I would recommend to add more to your gig description and try to include more keywords in the title, description and the tags.

Hmm yeah, I do think I might need to rewrite part of the description. As far as keywords go, I’ll have a look into those too!

Do you think the package description and the images give a good (enough) insight?

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I think that you should change the size of your gig images. Because when someone sees your gig in the search results, the gig photo is either very zoomed in or stretched to fit the image size. This is what I mean:

See how that image is very zoomed-in?

825*555 is a good size for gig images.

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Yeah, I first had it differently but the image size was too big. The intent was to show more than just one design but I might be better of picking my best three and posting them seperately and then doing a full overview in pdf. Biggest problem is the quality drop between the original file and the one uploaded to Fiverr I think.

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Welcome to fiberr community…


welcome to fiverr family

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Welcome to Fiverr. The Biggest Online Market Place.

You need to Improve your gig by using some eye catching image.

Try to Add more Information and TAGS in your description.

Best of luck.

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I hope you will get orders as soon as possible. Good Luck.

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Thank you all for your kind words! I did a bit of work updating the description, re-sized the images and added video. You can check the Gig out here if you like.

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