Just posted my first two gigs and it feels good!


Hey everyone. My name’s Garrett, and I’m new to Fiverr.

I posted a couple gigs over the past few days, and being a perfectionist, I have to admit it was excruciatingly difficult to press that publish button!

Anyway, just wanted to say hi, because I’m a notorious introvert (though I try not to show it) and I’m forcing myself to be more active in community settings.




What’s happening Garrett and congratulations on joining fiverr and posting your gigs. I am also new to fiverr and have yet to post any gigs, I’m feeling my way around learning how this works and also getting prepared to make a decent video to post in my first gig. I wish you the best in all that you do.


Howdy, Garrett!

Sounds exciting.

Welcome to the Community! :tada:

Nice to meet you. :slightly_smiling_face:

The people here, for the most part, are friendly, helpful & awesome. They won’t bite or anything. Unless they want to be big bad forum :wolf:.

Take a look around and join the discussions!


Welcome, Garret,

Getting involved with the Forum is an excellent way to practice not being an introvert. :wink:


Welcome to the forum Garrett @garr_tt, and to Fiverr! :confetti_ball: I’m known by some as the silly :dog2: in here…

I feel you on this one as a fellow perfectionist, although I find it a con/disadvantage that I sometimes wish I never had :pensive: Anyway, I’m also afraid of pushing the big button, and if I manage to do it, I’ll get crazy panicked, wondering if I forgot something or made a mistake, going back and forth to check and recheck - really exhausting! :grimacing:


Welcome from one perfectionist to another. Enjoy the forum. You will learn a lot here and be entertained. Best wishes for your success! :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome here, hopefully you will get your sales soon


Hey Garrett, just wanted to know what service you were selling?


@lamonthenley1 I’m focusing on web development and related gigs.


Welcome Garret, we are happy to have you here. Wishing you a Successful Fiverr Journey.


Hello Garrett,
Welcome to the FIverr community and I hope you have a great journey here.


Hey Garrett,
I am Liv, I am also NEW on Fiverr.
I wish You a great success!


dear most welcome on fiverr. best of luck work hard.


Welcome! Glad to have you. Best of luck in your new Gigs!


Welcome here… Best of Luck…


Feels great bro! good luck.


Congratulations and welcome to fiverr.




good :+1:
hope you do your best and get success