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Just put up my first Gig

Just put up my first gig on Fiverr, just wondered if you guys to take a look at it and tell me if there eas any room for improvement and feedback

Thank Guys


You have 2 gigs called “I will design you an awesome 5 page website”. Gig duplicates aren’t allowed (even though not every part of them are the same, they have the same title and are roughly the same service). I’d remove one.


I wish that was all, but the wording and profile image and description is female while all reviews for deleted gig are to “him”…

Something tells me this was purchase of UK profile old account.

Marjoire, can you confirm you are you, woman on the photo?

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Those are reviews as a buyer (so there may not have been any deleted gigs) and the first name of the username is a female name so it’s probable the sellers who purchases were made from made a mistake in those couple of reviews.

If it was the username would be the same and it would still have a female first name so the reviews by the the sellers who the purchases were made from (not the OP) would still probably have made a mistake in their review when they reviewed their experience with the buyer.

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Both me an my husband use the account, but it is my account

Yes it is me, I have only used my account for nuying gigs

Ah yes I have deleted the first gig, put it in the wrong catagory first time round and couldnt change it after so created another gig


Best of luck. Welcome to the fiverr forum.

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Yes, I see that now, this is one of my reviews so…

Good luck on the market. Use more images and add video to your gig. It will make it more noticable in search.