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Just reached 100 gigs sold!

I have just reached 100 gig sold on fiverr and in less than 1year.

Thank you to all my buyers and to fiverr team too.

That’s a great milestone my friend. Keep up!

Awesome, congrats!

Congratulations! That is amazing to hear!

Congratulations :slight_smile: 100 sales is an important early milestone. I don’t know what it is, but what I’ve found (and other sellers, too) is that after you’ve got 100 reviews to your gig, buyers start to take more notice and business tends to pick up.

For me it was opposite. When i reached 100 reviews. It slowed a lot that i was merely getting a single review a day( i was getting a lot more before) but after 120. It started accelerating and now i am closer to 200.

THank you :wink:

Thank you, I’m so happy

Thank you! That helps continue working hard here

Thank you! I will take attention at the 100 reviews when reached it. By the moment I have 75% review rate and it seems difficult for some users to rate and review the gig.

Thank you for it! hope I reach 200 sales as quick as you

Its not sales its review. About 1/3 People Do not review.