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Just reached out $2k and 50 orders!

Hello Fiverr!!!

Today I have finished my 50th order and $2000+ earning!! It’s been a great journey of 3 months here! I was not getting any orders in may but starting from JUNE I am getting orders and finally today I have finished my 50th one.

I have still 4 in the queue! Let’s see, Whats in the future! Pray for me so that I can continue my journey well.

Md. Abrar Zahin


Congratulations. :partying_face:
Can you given me some suggeste?

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Best of luck for your future bro… :slight_smile:


Congratulations! I’m done with my 50 orders and am more than halfway to $2k myself.

Here’s to more success for us freelancers!

Best Of Luck and Always get more order pray for you.

Great bro keep it up