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Just received a 50USD tip on a 200USD order!


I just had the perfect buyer!

First of all, I think it’s very important to point out that I never ask for a tip. When a seller does that, I feel it’s just unethical and rude. So I’ve never done it, and I never will.

So this order started out with a great buyer, who needed a translation and VO for a script. I provided both within 48 hours. During the whole process the buyer was responsive, polite, provided clear and easy to understand instructions and was overall a great person to work with.

Most of my buyers are great people, and I love to work with them, but with that being said, this type of buyer, where you actually end up smiling while communicating with them, doesn’t come along every day.

Well, back to the headline… I delivered the order, and I hoped for a 5-star review. 3 minutes later, and the buyer had marked the order as complete, left a 5-star review, and then I saw it… 50 USD in a tip!

I’m amazed and a bit stunned to be honest. I sometimes receive a 5 or 10 USD tip, and I’m always super happy if that happens (not because of the money itself, but because I know the buyer is very happy with my work), but it’s not something I expect at all.

This made my day, week, and month. Buyers like these are what keeps me going whenever I have a difficult buyer on my neck, or when I’m overloaded with work.

Just wanted to share this short and happy story with you!


Sounds good. Keep up the good work! More to come :slight_smile:


…and BOOM goes the dynamite. Awesome!



Drinks are on your this New Year’s Eve!


It wasn’t 50 dollars (nice work, by the way) - but yesterday morning I was tipped for the first time in the two months I have been active on Fiverr. It was $5 on a $10 gig - so, I didn’t break the bank… but it really made my day. Then, I got an order for a pretty simple gig. 20 bucks. Since I wasn’t really doing much, I knocked it out in about an hour or so. I delivered it, and within 5 minutes, the client accepted it and also tipped me an extra 5 dollars! So, I was tipped twice in one day. Man, I was over the moon. Both of these clients were gigs I got from Buyer Requests, too!

Isn’t it funny how something little (or not so little in your case!) like a tip will make your day?


congrats @smashradio !!! ::tada::tada::tada: share your blessing please :grin::hamburger::hamburger


This is great, The buyer must have been really satisfied with the work.


Gooood keep it up make buyers happy


Thanks all! :smiley: Happy New Year!


Bring the drinks ASAP!


My Buyer gave me $ 5 tip and 4.4 rating and his rating banned me from buyers’ request.:sob:


I’ll pop a bottle of champagne in honor of the buyer! You’re all invited if you get on a plane to the Canaries ASAP! :sunglasses::champagne:


I had the exact same experience with a buyer last week. 4.8 review and 10 USD tip. Strange.

If I get anything less than 5 stars I always contact the buyer, asking what they think I could improve upon. That way I can avoid making a mistake in the future. Only happened once so far in my 2 years selling on Fiverr.

Usually, when they give a positive review, but less than 5 stars, they have a very specific thing they weren’t super happy with, and that can often be rectified.

At least he left you a tip!


If I delete that gig, can I make the offer to buyers’ request again?
or I got banned for the lifetime?


Deleting your gig won’t remove the rating from your account. The best thing you can do is to continue delivering high-quality work and excellent support to your buyers. When you get a few great 5-star reviews under your belt, you’ll soon be back to posting offers.


Congratulations,wish you all the best :+1::100::+1::100:


Congratulations. I guess you were providing the satisfactory service


That’s great. I totally understand. I think I must have seemed ungrateful. I always get tipped and like you, I think it should never be asked for. It’s optional. So, when I saw the message come in from Fiverr that I had been tipped I automatically think it’s the usual $10 or $20 so I send a thanks to the buyer. Holy smokes when I went back to my Fiverr account 3 hours later to check on her rating, I saw she had tipped me $100! I had to re-send her a proper thank you lest she thought I was ungrateful. I’ve 2 more stories lined up for her now too so that was just awesome!


You are right about querying. It’s about how we do it. I remember getting my one 4.8 review. lost a mark for communication. Yet, the buyer wrote excellent communication in the review. So I queried and he said it was an error and had it changed. So sometimes errors happen. It can’t hurt to check. Just do it respectfully and not demanding it to be changed.


Congratulations :v:️:v:️:v:️:v:️:v:️:v:️