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Just Received a Warning without any of my Fault :(

Hello Everyone, I am new here as I just joined Fiverr in 2019, and my profile is running fantastic now due to ongoing orders and everything, but all of a sudden a few days back I received a warning from Fiverr CS, that I am running more than a single account and that could suspend my ID in future, I immediately emailed them regarding that issue but even after 2 days I haven’t received any reply. I am worried about this cos I don’t know why would I receive such warning and may effect my profile in future too :frowning:
I would be more than grateful for any help.
thank you


Is someone else in your home a Fiverr member too? If so, they see that as a duplicate account since it’s on the same IP.

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I’m surprised you have not been banned already for using the picture of an actress as your profile picture


And an image stolen straight from Angela’s twitter page too no less.


Aww, come on guys. Angela’s acting career could be paying less now because of the Pandemic so she has turned to Fiverr for extra income.

If the OP is not Angela, she may have a difficult time explaining to Fiverr when it comes time to verify why her account and her profile image do not match her ID.


The OP is most definitely not Angela (the actress; last name omitted out of respect). Angela’s country on Twitter, is thousands of miles away from the middle Asian country of the OP here on Fiverr. Plus, the OP just changed his/her photo, on his/her account (probably after being called out for identity theft here on the forum), so it doesn’t show Angela’s acting headshot anymore.

It is surprisingly easy to spot the Fiverr users who think pretending to be a pretty girl – someone else – will win them more orders. It’s even easier when you understand the acting business, and the nature, purpose, and composition of the photos that people keep stealing because they want to “make more sell”. :roll_eyes:

@seosolutions212, and other new sellers… please use your own photos to represent yourself. It is extremely rude to people like Angela, for you to pretend you are her. She has a right to her identity, just as you do to yours. Look at things the other way around, would you want someone else using YOUR photo, and pretending to be you just to make themselves more money?

Identities are protected. Use your own.