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Just requested 2 more cancellations!

This makes 6 cancellations in only 23 days!

All due to buyers not reading my gig info or ignoring what I tell them in messages.

Why can’t people read? And why do they assume because you are willing to do something for $5 that they can just add whatever they feel like to it as if you’d be thrilled with the opportunity?

That’s a lot of cancellations. Perhaps you should try reformulating your gig info. Make it shorter and more clear, and mark important stuff in bold/yellow.

I think it’s due to the high amount of people from low income countries that are prepared to do much more for much less than someone from a high income country would that people tend to not take this kind of work that seriously. And basically we are all underbidding ourselves. I get $60 on fiverr for something I’d charge € 300 for in any other situation.

Reply to @doomdidoom: Thank you for your words!

I definitely have to make some changes to my descriptions. I only added more info to start with to avoid ambiguity and make things clearer, but it has had the opposite effect apparently! Oh well…

Totally agree we are underbidding, we are ruining the industry and eventually ourselves by accepting these terms.