Just saw a supposed "Top Rated Seller" with a 24% cancellation ratio and only 89 total ratings?


Wow, doesn’t take much to be a top rated seller anymore, I don’t feel so “Special”. :frowning:

I had to work so much harder to get my status back in the day, and now you can get the status easier than a piece of candy> ?? Bummer. I mean 24% cancellation?? that’s ridiculous? How are you top rated when 1/4 of your orders never make it!?? ~SMH~ at FiverrV2 and editing team lately…


TRS has a lot to do with image and talent too doesn’t it? Do they not provided a good service with a nice presentation?

They mite have 24% cancellation ratio but my guess is they probably make more coin per sale so 89 could be equal or higher then you’re earnings.

And if you are talking about the person I think you are a certain song writer? she is extremely talented every order she does goes into the hundreds and absolutely deserves the tittle.


Do also keep in mind that he/she may currently have some gigs paused and have had much more feedback than you realize. I have pretty good sales volume when I am not slacking, but no top-rated seller association yet. May even take longer now since I got 1 bad feedback because I made a “typo”, sigh.

dtongsports said: ~SMH~ at FiverrV2 and editing team lately...

Considering how screwy this place is, and how long it takes the 'automated' stuff to catch up, who knows, they might be back down to a cow for a week before anyone knows it! Yeah, SMH at Fiverr all the time.


TRS are given that badge by the editors. So it’s kinda like a pick and choose thing, A buyer with an “original” gig who sells a sufficient amount of gigs and has a high , well that matters more than some lousy cancels. Even though cancels are broadcasted like a scarlet letter. for every customer they lose their sure to find 5 more. (twisted sarcastic logic)


I’ve had > 785 sales and 100% positive feedback and never got beyond Level 2. Never have understood what the rules were to get Top Rated Seller.


Reply to @local_inet_mktr: There are no rules just like SEO and Google LOL


Reply to @kez1000: nice analogy :wink:


Honestly, I’ve been here for 6 months, most Tarot gigs are based off of mine or my sister’s (75% of them copy our gig description or reword it. Some blatantly steal 2-3 sentences from us) and I’ve brought in a lot of revenue. I joined Fiverr for fun really, not expecting to hit Featured so soon… but six months later, nearly seven, I really feel like I’ve hit a dead end. I opened up my own business last month and signed on with a different website. I asked twice to be TRS and they said no twice. Okay. My sister is TRS and she’s been on the site half as long as I have and she has only half the amount of positive reviews I do… what gives? But, I’m done asking- I’m staying on Fiverr because of my loyal buyers but instead of spending 5 days a week on here, I’m only doing 2 days a week… I gotta head where the money is going.


Reply to @mrspanda: Fiverr’s top rated seller status perplexes me because it seems like it’s more of a popularity contest. If it were more about skill and less about who supposedly can represent the brand there would be far less TRS that’s why there is no magic secret to becoming one. I have met a lot of really good TRS on this Forum and throughout Facebook, but when I do searches for gigs to order and find other TRS I’m surprised by some of the people who are and aren’t a TRS.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: I used to care. I used to care a lot. I had long term plans for Fiverr, but I think I’m over it…


Reply to @mrspanda: I’m over it too. I know I will never bee a TRS. I have contacted them and my gigs are not unique enough and I don’t have a high enough rating. It’s ok I get steady orders and I’m happy with that. If I had my website indexed to the top pages of the search engines and had more backlinks I think I would be getting more business on my freelance site. I’m happy with Fiverr though. I enjoy my frequent customer projects I have had lately.

mrspanda said: I used to care. I used to care a lot. I had long term plans for Fiverr, but I think I'm over it...

Yep, same here.


Today someone’s gig with a 50% rating and a 57% cancellation rate was higher up in the rankings than my gig at 100%. This was a very bitter pill to swallow. Algorithm, smalgorithm.


If you think thats bad try having nearly 200 ordres complete with less than 7% cancel rate, and 100% rating and find out your not even in search results anymore because one of the fiverr editors decided to deny my new gig becasue it “looked to much like another gig I had” which was not even close to being true.

I make good money on the sales I do make, and will probably stay to support my regular clients but as far as I’m concerned fiverr sucks compared to what it used to be (honest opinion).

So pissed right now.


@mrspanda What is the secret of your sister? didnot you ask her?