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Just Say It – 3 Voice Over Services That Close Deals


No one knows more about your business than you. You’ve spent YEARS living it, perfecting it and often loosing sleep over it. So why is it so difficult to explain your product or service to customers? Sometimes we know too much. A friend of mine said after he got through medical school he explained a small cyst on his first patient’s arms in such technical terms that she thought she was being diagnosed with a life threatening disease. He realized he had to re-learn how to speak in regular lay-man’s terms or as he said to me – to just say it. It doesn’t matter how well you understand what you’re selling. If no one else does, no one will buy it!

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First. The digital age has created a craze for immediate access to information. The down side is that people are also impatient. If the information does not grab their attention quickly they loose interest. And what IS your competition? Not in your specific market – but in general… What is your competition for attention? TV? Radio? YouTube? All of these forms of communication have one thing in common. They speak to the client. Let’s take a real estate video for example. At the very least without pictures of a home it’s difficult to convince prospective buyers to visit a property. But what if you had a video with a voice talking a client through a virtual tour?

Or what about this? How often does a client tell a sales professional to just email them some information to look at. And if you do how often does it actually get read? But what if you sent a product video explaining your services in engaging terms simplifying the buying process? Even websites can get over whelming. When you visit a website that is new to you how quickly can you find what you are looking for? How much more willing would you be to stay and find what you wanted if there were a voice or a video welcoming you to the company page and explaining the exciting highlights of the business?

Next. You only get one chance to make a first impression. And while the digital age has changed the sales funnel forever people still do a lot of business over the phone. What is your clients’ experience when they phone your company? On average customers wait 33 seconds on hold or waiting to be transferred – time which is often wasted with beeps or music. But with an on hold marketing production you can take this opportunity to share exciting news, announce promotions and advertise your company web site. And as the saying goes – much more! Because this is valuable time when you can just say it – in simple and friendly terms. A strong voice mail system sets the tone for the entire client experience and lets them know they are in good hands.

And lastly. In sales it’s the little things that make a big difference. When my wife and I purchased our apartment in Riverdale NY we were greeted with a wine basket that our broker had left for us in the apartment. Do you think we recommend him to everyone we know? Of course we did. He went the extra step to make sure our home had a special welcome for us. Saying thank you is so important and there are many ways to send a personalized thank you to clients. Here is one great idea. Send your clients a thank you video! Complicated right? Who has time to sit at the computer and format a special note for each client? But you could have one or three fun whiteboard videos ready with a standard outline that simply needs one or two sentences specialized for each client. This would maximize your time as 95% of the video would be done in advance, offer a high quality production value and add that special thank you that your clients will remember. Think about this… How much do your closing rates increase when a prospective client has called you because a friend referred your services?

There is a healthy obsession that comes with being an expert in a given field. Making that information accessible to clients is the key to closing deals. Call it baby steps or call it dumbing it down… but in the end if I can’t see its value in my life I won’t buy it. The proper use of digital technology or social media with video, an engaging voice mail system and a special thank you gift are just three ways to make yourself accessible to your clients and close more deals.

About the author: Keith Harris is a professional voice over artist in New York City. Specializing in the corporate sector, Keith has voiced thousands of projects for corporations all over the world. For more information or to contact Keith on Fiverr visit: KeithHVoice or at


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hmm. … a thank you video. Never thought of that but i think it’s a great idea. Thanks!