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Just Say What You Will Do Then Do What You Said!

It’s been a good week for me here.

I’ve got some great reviews, a couple of nice tips ($24 tip on $60 order) and seen some great banter on the Forum.

The best thing by far though has been the success of a new gig I put up about 10 days ago. I have just received my third order for this gig (bringing the total value of this gig’s sales to $285 in its first 10 days) and have a number of promising custom offers sent out for it too.

Yeah, I am boasting a bit about it but to be honest, I am really delighted with it. You see, this gig was something I tried some time ago and it didn’t get ANY sales, so I deleted it. I didn’t forget about it, I believed that there was definitely a market for it and that I could deliver 5 star quality. So I thought about it, wrote it out on paper, looked it over and imagined it as if I was a buyer. I realized that if I saw someone offering that, I wouldn’t buy it. It looked a little bit like I was trying too hard to get sales or something. Just too “salesy”, too much jargon, too much like every other gig offering similar services.

It’s an SEO gig, where I now offer to do the same process for my clients as has worked for me with sites of my own. People doing SEO are viewed, in general, with a little bit of suspicion. I believe this is deserved by the industry as frankly, the attempts by SEO’s to make it look like “we have some little secret that nobody else knows” does us no favors. It is creating an air of mystery around what most businesses consider or should consider as their main marketing tool. No business owner wants that. So, having rejected my own gig description, I set about writing it out, exactly as I would like to see it if I was a business owner. I also mentioned that those with unrealistic expectations or unreasonable demands should not contact me. The gig is clearly described and I have created some templates for myself to answer questions from different types of buyers.

So here is the thing I want to tell those who are making a gig or struggling to get sales on a gig. Look at it. Decide what you will actually do for whatever price you are charging. Lay it out simply. Explain the process, don’t oversell yourself. Don’t try to convince the buyer that you are the best writer/graphic designer/website creator/programmer/voiceover etc. The simple fact is, you are not - and everyone knows you are not so by claiming that you are, you simply look untrustworthy. Be honest, be detailed, be straight-forward. It makes a difference and also helps in other ways.
If people know what you are offering then they will not have unrealistic expectations.
If you detail what you do and a buyer unfairly rejects your delivery it then CS will have your back.
You should get less annoying or needless questions.

                         Just Say What You Will Do Then Do What You Said!

Thanks for sharing…This week i will sign up on 2 social media forums and actively participate with an aim of increasing my sales

Its great. And having a massive sale ($285) in just 10 days is really unbelievable!!! btw, would you please tell me if you’ve promoted your gig or not?

Hi, the $285 is the total of 3 sales.
I have not done any promotion outside of Fiverr for this. I have responded to some Buyer Requests and others have found me through search I presume.

I´m happy for you Eoin and I always read your articles with great interest as they are awesome sources of information and encouragements. At this time, we need to review our existing Gigs, refresh them and not hesitate to delete some of them and re-create them. Thanks Eoin :slight_smile:

Thanks, I really do need to go through and re-evaluate my gigs. I also have 1 I haven’t finished. Maybe this is the time.

Great advice and congratulations on the wonderful sales.

I think my gigs could use a fresh look as there is way too much competition in the gigs I’ve chosen. I don’t OVERSELL and just speak the truth. I can write engaging and well-researched articles without errors. However, I will not say that I’m the best out there because each day there is an opportunity to strengthen my writing skills.

I really need to sit down and work on my call of action skills because if you check out my writing and proofreading gigs they look like a boring carbon copy of the other million writers on this site. The best part of Fiverr besides interacting with really cool buyers and sellers is that it will help me to develop patience and thicken my writing abilities. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I appreciate your comment.

Bravo. This is just a start. I hope you get more sales :slight_smile: