Just saying hi ( and I'm half drunk)


So right now I’m in the middle of my early winter break, and usually I’m in Tokyo but right now
I’m in Seattle at my friend’s place. My friends live near the Pike Place market, and oh dang the
food is good. Guys, if you ever go to Pike Place, be sure to get the salmon pate piroshky at
Piroshky Piroshky.
The first Starbucks is there too, but unless you REALLY want the mug that says "the first SB store,"
just go to another Starbucks, don’t get in line for an hour just to buy a mug…there are other SB in
the area.

Anyway, my vacation is going great so far, feeling blessed and even though I am on vacation I
worked on a gig yesterday since it was a very simple one and it was from a repeat buyer.
I didn’t think I’d work on a gig during vacation, but meh, it’s OK.

Right now I’m at my friend’s apartment,looking outside the window…and it’s 3am.
I guess I’m having a bit of an insomnia. I’m having wine my friend got for me along with
some cheese…and reading random stuff here at the forum. Oh Fiverr, you are so part of my
everyday life now.

Just in case you guys are wondering, yes, I am half drunk.
At least I don’t turn violent or anything when I get drunk so I guess this is OK.
Feel free to share your embarrassing stories of what you did when you got drunk.
Me? I just giggle. Giggle for no reason. I’m giggling as I am typing this.

Emma, if you are reading this, I’d loooove to hear your story…well, if you drink that is. :smiley:
OK fellow Fiverr sellers/buyers, have a nice day.


Sorry to hear that you can’t sleep in Seattle, you should make a movie about it!
Anyway, this is a quality “I’m drunk” post, it is written just as it would be spoken to someone beside you (also drunk) who is also making random observations and comments which neither of you will remember the next day.
Enjoy your holiday!
PS: my canvas with the picture arrived today and looks perfect, the background you suggested makes it so much better!


Haha! Made my day!
I’m an awesome drunk! I get extremely happy and helpful and make friends with everyone. And then I go home before the happy friendly me turns to lonely suicidal me. Many years practice makes perfect. :smiley:


When you landed at SEA, from NRT, technically you got to relive the day AGAIN, dintchya? :smiley:


OK,so I eventually went to sleep, got up, logged in and read what I’ve typed.
Dang, I do remember typing this, but I sound pretty dumb up there.
I guess that’s what wine does to you :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopefully I won’t go all Sleepless in Seattle tonight, if I do, I might get drunk again…and
type in more rubbish in the forum for the world to see! :smiley:


It brightened up my day, mainly because I see you as your profile picture. To me that smiling face was you, drunkenly giggling while sipping wine and trying to balance cheese on crackers long enough to get it to your mouth.



i would be interested in seeing the artwork (if neither of you minds)

I may tell my story later, but it’s not terribly interesting. Unless I embellish it.

Anyway, try the salmon while you’re in Seattle! I understand from Buzzfeed (shudder) that there are some fine eateries in Seattle that cater for this. Warning if you go to find the video: the main dude is really irritating. That fish and chip place looks good though. Even if I pursed my lip with repressed anger at deep-friend salmon.

Edit: link to annoying guy and deep-friend $8 salmon


Oh, I have tried the salmon here. I’m sure I’ll be eating more!!! I don’t mind showing the image I worked on for Eoin, but you’ll
need to check with him. :slight_smile:

BTW it’s still 10:30 pm but I’m already drinking wine.
Well, I went to the kitchen, saw the wine bottle sitting there and
it was calling my name. I also got some more cheese today, so
MUWAHAHAHAHAHA. Too bad you couldn’t join me! *raise glass


Sure, it is a present for my brother (from my kids). He is a serious Pokemon Go player so I have had the image put on a canvas. It shows him catching the most powerful Pokemon who’s name I have forgotten.
Also, I feel like you tell me to get rooms with people quite often although I can’t remember who else, possibly @writer99025


I approve of this drawing! Perhaps the most powerful pokemon is called Goatse (DO NOT GOOGLE THIS)?

@zeus777–if you wish to talk to me with your wine, you’ll have to start drinking in the day. As you’re an artist, that’s perfectly acceptable social behavior :wink:

I think this is the second time I’ve told you to get a room. The last time was when you were discussing marriage with writer. I think that’s the entire history of me telling you to get a room with others, but I’m sure a forum historian will be along soon to correct our frail memory.


HI Zeus! Your post made me smile. I have several funny drunk stories, so I’ll have to pick one to trade.


I’m sorry Emma, I wasn’t familiar with that
pokemon name so I did google it. I regret it.
To be honest I don’t clearly remember the room
story with Mr.Writer since a lot of us share a lot of

And sure, I’ll be more than glad to start drinking
during the day. Haven’t tried that before, but I’m
willing to try that! :smiley:


I never got really drunk ( only half drunk and feeling tipsy), but even being half drunk
made me do say strange things in the past.
I’m more than willing to share stupid stories! :smiley:

BTW…has anyone worked on a gig while they were drunk???


I must be drunk right now, some forum categories load blazingly fast for me all of a sudden, like they never did since I´m here.


With some clients it is required to be drunk!


hahaha. I knew someone would Google it, although I am surprised that you didn’t know it, it’s a classic old, er, image. If you’ve recovered, there’s some graphic design challenge out there that incorporates that image into elements of other pictures and logos.

It’s called “day drinking”. If you came to my place in Greece in the summer, you’ll see plenty of bloated tourists in Speedos doing just that. Ah, the joys of vacationing middle-aged Germans and lobster-red Brits. reaches for eye bleach


I’ll drink to that!

I hope you join my anti-NYHQ party post tomorrow, Eoin (and others here, like Zeus). We can all day/night/whatever drink and make our own award categories.

As you can see, Bruce has been too busy with the real party to make anything for us people who aren’t getting all the exposure glory, so I’m just showing some traditional can-do spirit for the event.

I have no idea when the (forum) party starts, but I have it pegged for about 6-8GMT.

BYOB or whatever. I nominate Zeus to bring in fried salmon and chips from that place in the video. She can give it “exposure”.


Yes! I’m in! Must start thinking of categories for awards.
PS. Had a little meltdown yesterday as a marketing how-to book I was translating was quoting the Most Honorable Gary Vee in the most fanboyish way imaginable. I just about managed to resist the very real temptation to “accidentally” mis-translate his quotes.