Just saying "Hy"


So we get the one word “Hi” “Hello” messages quite often.
Today I got the message "Hy!"
Well, that’s new.

I was tempted to reply “I think you meant Hi.”

2 minutes later, same message, “Hy!”

I replied saying it would be helpful if there was an actual sentence following the word.
So far no reply… :neutral_face:


Wakharimasta (I understand)


I get those lone “Hi” messages a lot to. 99% of the time, it’s a new seller trying to see if I’m active, in order to spam me an offer for whatever services they sell. It seems that these kinds of new sellers figure that if I answer them, then they have a better chance of “personally” convincing me to buy their terribly presented Fiverr services and “make them rich”.

I am very much anti-spam. I decline, I encourage them to stop spamming, and I block them from sending me additional messages. :smile:


I get often messages of new people who “want to be my friend”
“I’m new to Fiverr can we be friends?”

My answer is always the same:
We’re here to work, not to make socials…
Want to socialize? Go to the forums…

I bet I’m one of the reason they all come here to open a “help me” thread… :confused:


Japanese? Hehe :grin:


By the way, the romaji is *Wakarimashita :wink:


You should say “Hy, too.” Manners!:thinking:


I use one of fiverr’s pre-made replies, one at random such as “Unfortunately your request is not in keeping with what I am offering…” and it is usually effective at making them go bye.


Buyer is always right. If he send “Heyoo” to me. I will send same heyoo with smiley face.
and i think heyoo is a word Or maybe not


This saying is now banned along with calling people dear.


OMG! please tell me your joking. Not that i say dear but i always do favor buyer.
I am seller by the way.


I’m joking but I feel ill when I hear both said here. Buyer is often wrong and should be told that.


Well, actually, this is false. A buyer – in any business – must still abide by the terms and conditions of the store, company or website with which they are doing business. The buyer might choose to make demands for something, but if it’s not allowed in the terms or policies of the business, then that customer is, most definitely, not right. :wink:


We are not desperately grasping at anything the buyer throws our way. We are the ones in charge of the business transaction, not the buyer.

We often must educate the buyer on how we do business and what we expect from the buyer.

Sellers need to learn this lesson it seems.

That slave mentality when dealing with buyers is sad and needs to go.

Buyers who are serious will appreciate a firm but polite insistence by you on adhering to your rules and requirements. This shows a solid professional approach that creates confidence.


Well said, @misscrystal. Well said.


This happened to me a lot. Lots of “Hi” and then 100 of “Please Reply, Please Reply” messages.
its good that we can mark them as SPAM and let fiverr support service know about those kind of sellers.


wasup guys?
at last it’s Friday


hy ! Hola ! Hi :slight_smile: Well guys




Yup,hi to you all, guys!

BTW it’s been several hours and the person never replied.
How rude, I’m so hurt. :smirk: