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Just shocked me No orders please help


I’m new to fiverr platform. I put on a huge effort for the account and gig creation .I don’t know how to get orders.
still waiting for my first order. PLZ help me how to get orders and what are the parameters to scale up my gig
and get orders. Thanks in advance


This may be cause


keep doing same and you will get order soon as fiverr has may be completed process and its back to track!
Put some good images in portfolio and add maximum words that are related to you work! that will bring your gig on top in search result.
Also keep visiting buyer’s request regularly and keep sending them request for low rate first…(to get started)


Thank you brother for the help


The first line of your gig description starting with the words “I just can’t lie by saying”… is very confusing.


Thanks for your suggestion dear
Do you mean i need to remove this line??


That would be a good idea. Just for your information although I am sure you meant it kindly most people including buyers prefer not to be called dear.


I didn’t mean to, as you understand.
i’ll try next time not to use this word.


I understand fully.:slight_smile: Also if you have not done so it will really help you to read the


My suggestions would be:

  1. Work on your gig and capitalize “I” in all you text, in “remove background” no need to
    capitalize first letter of each word.
  2. The image of the red dress girl might be a turn off for clients, you might think under dressed beautiful girl will get clients’ attention, but clients do not come here looking for or expecting to see such photos, maybe choose a photo of Eiffel tower or Egyptian pyramids or Taj Mahal and remove the background, make sure every photo or text or whatever that you use is not copyrighted.

And yes, the first statement is just weird, and not cool.

It takes time to get offers, take the chance to perfect your gigs and think of what else can you offer and what other skills you have which might be in demand.

My slogan = your satisfaction needs to go,


It also took about a good week or so before I got my first order, now they seem becoming about every other day. Just be patient and you’ll see results :slight_smile:


I’ll read now as you suggested.


I just really appreciate your suggestion.
i’m gonna change the description.
Thank you very much


I’m learning to be patient on fiverr.
lets hope the first one will come soon.


Hello I’m also new to fiverr. Any idea how to get gigs?


You don’t “get gigs”, you create them as a seller. You create a gig for a service that you offer, and you host it here on Fiverr.

If, by “get gigs”, you mean, earn sales, you can start by reading through the excellent articles in the Fiverr Academy:

YOU are going to need to do the work to earn sales. They don’t magically appear out of thing air just because you have a gig on Fiverr, and want sales. Earn them.

Work hard to become the success you want to be.


I think you just wrongly mentioned ‘‘get gigs’’ instead of get orders.
even then @jonbaas clearly mentioned what you need to do in the above reply.


I’ve been $500 short for 2 months ever since the algorithm crap so I understand


Please check my gigs and tell me how to make it better because I have been getting orders for my gigs.



Please do not hijack someone else’s thread just to beg for help with your gigs. You have every ability to start a new thread for your own request. This is @mrgraphics285 “help me” thread.