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Just signed up and looking for advice guidance and tips

I just signed up for Fiverr
I have been given a situation where my family dynamics have changed literally overnight
due to an unforeseen circumstance and hardships of another party
With that change comes adding two young children to our household
As well as a serious pay cut
Family first removed me from a position and reduced pay as its union
I am in serious need in order to get a large home and pay for the expenses that are associated with moving as well as maintaining an expanded household.
I am not sure what type of things would be good to post on here that are easy to do and work around my family schedule or basically how the entire business works
I am new to this but am seriously looking for ways to continue to improve circumstances for my family more than I already have. Any helpful advice and guidance or help in order for me to get the things that I need for my family to move is greatly appreciated.

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The first step is to offer gigs for tasks or services that you possess, and can offer to other people (who need those services). Think about what services you could offer, and then create gigs to represent those services.

Please keep in mind, though, Fiverr is not a get-rich-quick website. Sales and success could come slowly – very slowly in some cases. It will take time, and you’re going to have to do a great deal of work to earn that success. Income will likely be low at first, and the proportional to how hard you work in building successful, sought-after services.


Respected jonbaas,
I had open my fiverr account 3 years back(2014) without adding any gigs.Now i started adding gig.So my question is that,is there any problem occurs in my profile impression?
And 2nd thing is that could you please give some job(web search,pdf to word,pdf to excel,filliable pdf,data entry,product upload etc.)So i can check my ability.I don’t need money.kindly reply if possible.
Thanks & regards,
Sambhu Pradhan

Focus more on your gigs, not your profile.

And, no, I am not going to “give you some jobs” so that you can “check your ability”. Please do the work necessary to earn your own sales. You are responsible for your own success.

And, a word of advice: don’t beg for money. It is unprofessional. People, here on Fiverr, are not going to give you free money – you need to work hard to earn it. And if you don’t want to work hard, then perhaps Fiverr is not place for you.

Thanks for your reply and i am not begging for money" I don’t need money".i am asking for sample job.Once again thank you very much.

My apologies. It would appear that I read your “I don’t need money” comment incorrectly. Still, begging for money or begging for people to “give you jobs” are two ways to not receive either.

Don’t beg. Work hard to earn them through great work, effective marketing, and gigs that offer services you are skilled at completing – and other people need.