Just Signed up (I'll start with this one service)


Hello there,
I’m Amed from Egypt.
I’m a Pharmacist but with many different interests (Diet/Nutrition , Graphics & Art) and actually interested a Career-Change, i hope someday i achieve this with fiverr :smiley:

i started with Diet/Exercise/Weightloss Consultation and Coaching, i’ll keep the rest of my interests at a later stage because i don’t want to lose too much focus with studying and working … etc.

i know it’s not easy to get orders right off the bat, but i read some of the pinned posts in the forums and found them really insightful.

I’d love to be part of this community.

Thanks for viewing and wish you all success : )


Welcome to the Community, Amed! :tada:

You’ve come to the right place… Take a look around and you’ll find a bunch of helpful topics. If you’re still confused about anything don’t be afraid to ask, we have some helpful people here. :slightly_smiling_face:


thanks nika ; )
i’ve done a bunch of reading and STILL, but in your opinion …
what is the #1 most effective way to generate those initial sales (apart from hard-work of course :D)


Welcome to the forum. Enjoy! :slightly_smiling_face:


:blush:welcome to fiverr family :grin:


Welcome, Amed.
Always keep an eye on BR (top menu bar: Selling > Buyer Requests), you can reply to 10 requests daily, make sure to use the forum search function :mag: first to read up a bit on how to write a successful BR.
If you can create a few different gigs which fit into different categories/sub-categories, you will see more Buyer Requests.


Well… Fiverr is kindda what you call hard work. You’ve got to work for the sales especially as a new seller.

The fiverr academy also has some great tips that will help you in getting that first sale.

Welcome to Fiverr and all the best!


As Mila suggested, BR is a good place to catch your first :fishing_pole_and_fish:
I’d like to add since you’re an avid :video_camera: Youtuber, use it to your advantage. :wink:

+As a new seller you have the benefit of creating 7 active gigs.


thanks ALLL of YOU for ur inputs and ur insights, glad to read all that :DD

and yeah i’m a youtuber on-the-rise and i’ll try after a bit of a Larger milestone to notify my subscribers (fiverr tends to accept english-written gigs only tho and my channel is middle-eastern).

Thanks again :wink:


Try to offer at least one gig that would be of use to an entrepreneur. There are lifestyle gigs on Fiverr, but the vast majority of gigs are sold to people who are going to use the output commercially, to grow their businesses.


i see what ur talking about.
actually what u just said is a Mind-opener to me, cuz i was oblivious to the fact that most ppl using fiverr and other freelance services are actually entrepreneurs or people looking to enhance their business rather than getting personal services to a large extent.

thanks much for this !
appreciate it


Hey there amedabraham, Welcome to the fiverr community =) Check on the sellers with the same niche as yours and see how they do it. In that way it will give you and inspiration to come up with your own style! Best of luck!