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Just signed up today :)

Hi all,

I just thought I would say hi to all the members here and mention my gig that I have just set up. It’s basically a 500 word gig for writing articles about almost anything that is requested. One keyword supplied and I write the article based around that one keyword.

I did want to ask some of you veteran fiverr members if you wouldn’t mind looking my gig over to see if it is laid out correctly or if you could give me any tips on what to change if you think i’ve missed something. Also do you have any tips on where to post my gig to get some customers coming in, would very much appreciate it.

I also have a question regarding gigs. Can I have more than one active gig or do I have to wait until I have had a specific amount of buyers before I can add more gigs? I tried to add a second gig about news articles but after saving it and continuing I could not find it anywhere which is why I ask this.

Thankyou in advance for any replies, help or tips.

Tony AKA Guildmaster