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Just so you know how badly mutual cancellations impact a seller

The impressions on my gig have been fairly stable for two months. Had three mutual cancellations in one day.

Impressions on my gig are now half of what they were. The fall was pretty much instant.

Don’t believe what customer support says about mutual cancellations not impacting you.

Note: late delivery cancellations don’t seem to impact me. Even with late delivery cancellations my gig has never seen the fall of impressions that it had.

Same here. Also, I recently messaged CS to ask if they could get rid of several orders which haven’t started yet due to buyers never providing any details. They then informed me that cancelled orders might affect my rankings. In this case, I told them to leave the orders as they were, only for them to then say that cancelling these particular ones wouldn’t be a problem.

I reasoned though, that it wasn’t worth the risk and so reiterated that I would like to leave the orders as they were. It is interesting if late delivery cancellations don’t have an effect. However, personally, I wouldn’t be able to stomach all the “seller failed to deliver” automatic reviews.

Yep…something is going on. The problem is that most cancellations are due to Buyers ordering the gig for $5 wanting $50 worth of work, don’t provide all the info needed and never answers their messages, orders and tells me they will provide the information later which never comes, orders and asks me to do something unrelated to the gig and so on.

Why should the seller be punished for buyers ineptness.

Yes I agree, They affect number of orders.