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Just so you know modification request will pause the order

I don’t know how many of you realise the change, that the modification request will pause the order, so the time won’t run out.

The note from fiverr CS:"When buyer requests formal modification order goes into Rejected status and can remain in it for as long as you need to modify your work."

Although the strange bit is on the “to do list”, it still count down the time, but if you open the order page, the time will be the same moment when the modification request was made (even it looks like is counting down, but if you re-open again, you will see the time is actually still the same. )

About the strange bits, I just submitted a ticked to fiverr customer support, hope their technician will sort it out, so it’s clear that the time will just be paused.

Reply to @madmoo: My pleasure. :slight_smile:

Reply to @kjblynx: Yes, I thought the same, why didn’t they put a big note on the top of the fiverr page so everyone knows. It’s been a big issue for all sellers, now it’s changed, but there’s no announcement for it.

However, it is a very good news, so I thought I should open a post here for everyone to see.

I’ll have to look for that…

That would be very helpful, especially for the times when customers ask for modification the same day the timer is to run out!

Thanks for the info

Thanks, but are you sure about this? When one of my buyers requested a modification on an order that had 3 hours to go, I came back 5 hours later and it was marked LATE. When did this get fixed?


Reply to @hotwebideas: That’s very strange. I had an order was requested modification over 24 hours ago, when they requested the modification, the time was 16 hours left on the order, then it never changed, stayed at 16hours.

Also there’s reply from fiverr CS confirmed it.

Maybe it’s not working properly, you might try to submit a ticket to CS?

Does anyone know what the official answer is to this yet? This is my first time dealing with this situation. I have a custom project I delivered to a buyer and they just wanted one thing modified on the video but they haven’t told me what changes they wanted. The video is due today and the buyer says they may send me the change today or tomorrow. If I don’t get the specifics from the buyer till tomorrow then I don’t want to be considered late since I’m not the one that’s delaying the process at this point.

I believe the clock doesn’t start ticking again until you look at the modification request. As soon as you look at the request, the clock starts.

I also noticed the stopped clock, but I think it’s a great feature for sellers but usually buyers reject and ask for modification at the eleventh hour where it was never possible to make the order within the due time.