Just sold my first gig, got 5 stars, what's next? :)


I’m curious to hear some stories from people who’ve been around. How long does it take to get established here? It’s exciting to have my first completed gig, and that feels like a huge milestone already. But I’m feeling like I have a long way to go. I can only guess that I should get used to doing a lot of work compared to what I get paid in the beginning. How many good ratings and completed gigs does it take before I can start getting picky? lol.

I know there is not One answer to this question. It would just be nice to hear some stories from people what their experience was like getting started.

I think my profile could still use some improvement, and I’ll probably try creating a number of different gigs, and look for the right wording to find the type of work I want easier. Maybe there’s even gigs that I never thought of doing, but here there are many opportunities.

Thank You :sunny:


That depends upon how quickly you achieve your business goals. For some highly motivated, highly skilled people, it took only a few days. For others it took a few weeks. And for still others, success eluded them for months. Heck, there are still some people who have not done anything productive to achieve success in years!

There is no one-size-fits-all success answer (as you noted). You just need to build your gig, grow your seller reputation, market and promote your services, and build a following of customers who need your services. It’s not easy, but it is possible. The quicker you achieve these things, the quicker you will start seeing steady income. :slight_smile:

Good luck as you set out on your Fiverr freelance journey!