Just soothsaying


Hi y’all. Beware the ides of March. :wink:


I imagine all the guys have forgotten about it since today is Men’s Valentine’s Day. Or Steak and [Censored Sex Act] Day as the internet calls it…


It’s what? How did I not know about this? If I’d known, I would have unblocked my Swedish stalker on Whatsap. Tut tut, what a waste of a day.


It’s ok cuz the ides of March is tomorrow.


You still have time, Cy! Don’t let this golden opportunity to exploit your stalker pass you by!


Too late. I’ve got too much work on and no memory of what happened last time she plied me with whiskey. Plus I’m fasting at the mo and can’t go crazy for another 21 days when I have some friends visiting. My date this evening will therefore be with my wee dog and whatever half decent movies I can find as usual.