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Just started a Fiverr!


I decided to set up my own Fiverr as i believe I have skills that others could put to use.

I guess it’s hard not to get bogged down in all the graphic design stuff people are putting out, but regardless I am a poor college student and need the money!

I’ve opened up a Fiverr where people can get YouTube Banners, Icons and Thumbnail templates from me - and I will be opening another one up soon for professional modern logos.

I’m pretty new to this so if anyone knows any way I can make my Gig look more appealing, please let me know - or even if my Fiverr is too confusing about what I am proividing! -

Thanks for looking and have a great day everyone!


Welcome to Fiverr. Read the forum for tips and there is lots of useful information in the Fiverr Academy. Best wishes for your success! :slight_smile: