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Just started at Fiverr = My Salvation


Before you read. This is just a little story of my fiverr experience.

i’m Fernando, i’m from Venezuela, a really great country but really hard to live at.

Right now we have some of the lowest salaries in the WORLD. We are living right now (surviving) with salaries around $15 a month. I mean, we need to earn three months of salary just to buy some new shoes.

So, three months ago i found fiverr, and i made my first gig. It was like two or three weeks after my register, that i had my first sale. I was really excited! my first sale and with an extra! i was really happy, because just $8 would be some good extra money here in my country! My first buyer gave me a tip. Thats real happiness LOL.

After that i had like one or two orders each week, then i realize that i could make some good money on fiverr. I started to make some research at the blog, the forum and the fiverr academy, the week after that i had made 5 sales. In my past month i have made around 75$ on sales, and it is amazing money for my country economy.

Right now im just telling to all my friend about fiverr, so they can make some good money to (really, $100 a month in my country is a lot of money). I dont really have massive sales yet, but im working hard on it. This is just the start, and i just wanted to let you all know about my little story.

If you have a positive mind, you cant have a bad day. If you have a negative mind, you cant have a good day.

Thanks Fiverr!

Fernando, this is an amazing story! Keep it up, keep working hard, keep delivering the best services that you can… and we may see you among the top sellers some day!

You’re right. Think positive. Persevere. Anything is possible!

Reply to @jonbaas: thanks Jon! I really apreciate your comment! Im doing my Best, for real, to make it happen.

Great story

Hey Fernando, I appreciate your determination & wish the best of luck.

Keep up the good work!

Congrats Fernando. :slight_smile: I believe you will be one of those sellers who’ll do well here. :slight_smile:

Keep Up (y)

Hey there. Please send me your photos , I want to create a promo slideshow video for you, to help you get more sales for your flyer gig

Congratulations Fernando! You are really a wonderful friend to tell all your friends about Fiverr. Most of the friends I ever had always kept their income generating sources secret.

All the best for your future!

that is Great story! Congrats! I am patiently waiting for my gigs to be started earning some money. You have a Great Gig going and Great work. Good luck!

Wow! $15 per month? That’s very small salary…I hope you earn a lot here on Fiverr :slight_smile:

i really like your comment (If you have a positive mind, you cant have a bad day. If you have a negative mind, you cant have a good day." Keep working hard @nandonav2509

Reply to @meriam23: Thank you! We all are in the same page! :slight_smile:

Reply to @theratypist: I really apreciate your comment! Thanks for that motivation! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Reply to @nandonav2509:
You’re welcome! I’m here to help. :slight_smile:

Reply to @sameerthewriter: We need to help each other, you never know when you will need someone’s tips :slight_smile: Thanks!