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Just started back up after 2 years

Just logged back into my account the other day after two years of inactivity. Glad to see my old reviews are still there =>

Didn’t have much success last time, but ready to get back in the saddle and try again.

Would anyone care to check out my gigs and let me know hat you think?

here’s the first one i did when i re-opened. I thought it was clever to attract movie buffs, wish me luck


Thank you, for get on board with us lets back up each other and enjoy running…:biking_man:

“Notice: no purchase necessary until time of delivery”.

Suggest you remove the above (copied) from your gig description as the buyer has to pay first and then you deliver.

Welcome back and don’t forget to read the updated Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page. A lot has changed!


Ahh thanks, All i meant by that is the buyer should message me first to ensure I can actually do what they want, and then pay when i’m actually ready to deliver.

Hoping that would spare some trouble if I can’t finish the gig and have to cancel orders n stuff. But i will try and reword it