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Just started here

Hey guys.

I am new using “Fivver” i have used other platforms, however can you guys recommend me how i can get buyers for the products i am selling. ( Logo design/s and writing e.g blogs, articles e.t.c) I have done this before in other platforms but i am having a rather difficult time here. Kindly please share your tips or recommendations.

Thank you and bless you.


best thing you can do is to check buyer request and send offers regularly. You can also advertise your gigs on various platforms such as social media and forums but buyer requests is your best choise as a newbie.

Welcome aboard @tawdesign I wish you the very best here on Fiverr. @prettytoney is quite right, it´s a good way to get started.

John :slight_smile:

If you wish to promote your gig, you may do so in the My Fiverr Gigs forum. If you wish to have someone review your gig, you may start a thread in the Improve My Gig forum. Posting your gig links anywhere else in these forums is considered spam.

Please follow the Forum Rules.

EDIT: The spam post to which this was posted in response has been deleted.

Thanks @prettyyoney however in buyer requests which of those gigs are legitimate if you know what i mean, some have “–” while some have a “price offer”

thank you.

Welcome to Fiverr! One suggestion I could make for your logo design gig is that the prices, although reasonable are a bit high for having no reputation to stand on. When starting out you should sell things as cheaply as you can - even at a loss if you need to. This will help build up your reputation and make buyers more confident about buying from you. Try and offer anything you can for $5 until you have 20-30 solid 5 star reviews and then you can adjust your prices. Good luck! :slight_smile:

That does not matter. Some buyers set a budget for their request some just leave it empty.
So most of them are legit. Although there are several desperate sellers here trying to advertise their gigs and often posting in buyers requests to get some attention.(like the guy under my first message:D) Ignore them and the rest are legit requests. Good luck!

I made some adjustments have a look and let me know. ill gratefully appreciate it if you can spread the word :)… Bless you @owldesignlab

I’m a newbie too… I seem to have been innundated with trade offers from other sellers… also mostly newbies too.

Is this common practice or are we noobs considered easy pickings?

While its good to interact with each other, I don’t think anyone should be offering anything they do for free. …that undermines everything we are trying to achieve here.

Its sad to see some people here are literally selling their souls for $5

Try selling your gigs at 5 dollars, that way you can get some startup feedback

Thanks for your response, i reckon here the point of stating to sell your gigs at a WAY cheaper rate (beyond standard) as a newbie is a way to gather feedback from your clients (ratings/recommendations) only that way can you gradually increase your prices to a fixed price.


Maybe you should change the price of your gigs. So many sellers in your field, sell the same service just for $5.

If you think your gigs has more feature than others, please add them on Gig extras. :slight_smile:

Not sure if you’ve taken any business or marketing classes in school, but Fiverr is no different than any other business out there… online or offline.

If you provide a quality service at an affordable price, people will find you and people will buy. I will say, if you don’t combine providing value with a touch of salesmanship, it will be a slower start… but all you need to do at this point is focus on providing value. PEOPLE PAY FOR VALUE, it’s as simple as that.