Just started on Fiverr - Love It!


Hey guys,

I just started being active on Fiverr this week and absolutely love it! I’m surprised I got so many sales in such a short period of time. It was completely unexpected.

For the most part it seems like the community is very easy to work with and friendly. But I have had a sale where I went above and beyond for someone (my 2nd sale) who never bothered marking the sale as complete and didn’t leave a review.

Do you guys have any suggestions for dealing with unresponsive people?



It happens, don´t take it to heart, smile at all the great reviews you get and just don´t mind if someone doesn´t want to leave one, as long as they paid for the work you did, and the order auto-completed, all´s well. :slight_smile:


Thanks for shining some positivity on the situation. I guess I’m just a bit anxious being new and all. You’re right. It really does come down to staying consistent and it being a game of numbers.


I agree with @miiila. Out of 244 orders, only 168 of them were marked as complete by buyers, although my delivery message always includes something like ‘‘If you’re happy with my work, don’t forget to accept my delivery in order to complete this order.’’

I think it’s just easier for them to download the delivery and close the webpage. Sometimes, even repeated buyers do the same thing, some of them just let me know in the message box that they do not know how to mark the sale as complete.

As long as they don’t come back with complaints, don’t worry about them not leaving a review. :slight_smile:

Good luck with your sales! :blush: