Just started on Fiverr today! Looking for tips/suggestions on my gigs?


I have 4 gigs up right now and I am yet to receive any orders. I wasn’t expecting any until I read the forum and saw a lot of people saying they made about $40 their first day. Please take a look at my profile and leave me any tips or suggestions so I can update to get some orders!

Thank you



You should try this: http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/17350/i039ll-help-you-edit-your-profile-or-gig-descriptions-for-no-charge-


You must change your gig description it looks quite simple. Make it bit beautiful and clear the point like how much word exactly you will write. If you are fluent in french too you should make a translation gig about English to french.


I’ll gie you some advice, under no circumstance say anything to support that might make them angry, even if they are dealing with an issue of yours in a very bad way. Because if you make them angry, they will cancel your gig. They are vindictive to anyone that dare to raise their voice at them so as I say, the advice I give is, no matter how badly they are performing, never let them know your peeed off!