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Just started selling, help check my gigs please?

Hey guys, I’m a 2 year member on Fiverr but I recently just got into selling.

I’m starting off by providing social media services such as helping you get more followers or likes on your accounts on social media websites. Do you mind checking it out and perhaps give out tips? Would appreciate it!


Well, you got straight to the point with your description. Maybe you could use all 3 pictures you can upload. People like pictures.

And instead of going all CAPTAIN CAPSLOCK you could use bold, italic, etc.


Reply to @wackytoaster: Thanks for the tip. I’m hoping to capture their attention with capitalization of my words. But I bet bolding and caps lock will work even better! Thanks!

Reply to @kitsaros: Yeah, I just got 2 sales. Now both my gigs are express!

Reply to @kitsaros: Hahaha, hope I get more sales soon though!