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Hi, I am experienced Mobile app and Animator Expert. Can anyone suggest bet way to get more leads in my account?

Do I need to make more improvements in my GIGS?

Your suggestions on same will be appreciable.



Start off by giving yourself a profile picture. It can be you, a logo or anything you’d like. But the default profile pic that you’ve got at the moment will only inhibit the number of sales you make.

Secondly, I’d recommend adding videos to your gigs. This significantly increases the likelihood of your video being being bought.

Thirdly, the most important way to build up your sales is through the Buyer Requests section. Here’s a link: This is a section of fiverr where buyers are asking people to do jobs. From here you can find jobs that you specialise in and then contact the buyers letting them know that you can help them.

I hope this helped. If you’ve got any more questions, let me know.


@balacafa is right you really need a profile picture that is you or a logo. I looked at two of your gigs and your profile they look good except you need a space before your last sentence. Also, your lowest gig starts at $20. Is there something you can offer for a bit less? Some buyers may want to try you out before they invest very much money. :wink:

Good luck on Fiverr!


Hi, Thanks for sharing your ideas. I am thankful to you.


Hello Sir, thanks for sharing your ideas. I will follow them.