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Just Starting Off on Fiverr

Hello everyone!

I had heard so much about fiverr and it’s success stories. I finally had the chance to put up my gigs. I haven’t had any orders yet. Would like to have some tips from the pros out there! Thanks :slight_smile:

Please search here on the forum you will find hundreds of good tips, everyday we get a new seller asking the same question "I’m not getting order, what to do?"

first of all you have to be patient, don’t expect making money just by creating an account on fiverr.

promote your gigs, be active on the forum, read tips, see other similar gigs to yours and learn from top rated sellers.

and like I said, take a tour on the forum you will find what you’re looking for %%-

@onlinedzshop: Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah. I have been looking around the forum. Have found quite a few useful tips. Thanks for your time