Just surpassed 3,000 completed orders! Setting new revenue records every month! Thank you FIVERR!


In April I reported 1800 orders completed, and now, with still a week left in the year, I have just hit 3,000 Completed orders! :slight_smile: For all of you who have doubts or skepticism, you must be persistent and determined! I have until Late April to get to my Goal of 5,000, and it’s gonna be a grind, but just proof that hard work pays off!

Currently only a 3% cancellation ratio and averaging $11 per order, and nearly a 7% conversion rate. Will be focusing on lowering the cancellations, raising the per order average, and getting conversion rate to 10% by April as well as be titled ‘Super Seller’.

Set and achieve small goals consecutively and your big goals will be reached!

Thank you Fiverr community and future buyers!

DTong - Top Rated Seller/Future Super Seller



Great story! Impressive numbers! Hope you shatter you’re goal! :slight_smile:




Congratulations… I wish I would be getting that many orders.


Bravo, Future Super Seller @dtongsports!!

Thanks for sharing your tenacious spirit!


Nice work! That’s really impression. Keep moving forward - I really like the goals you set for yourself!




Congrats! Hope to reach there soon.