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Just Surprised When Checking Fiverr Buyer Request


Hello Guys!
I just got surprised when I was checking buyer requests . One buyer has post request that he need a design for wordpress website and he had many requirements at $5 . And I saw 30 people has sent request .I generally sent proposal on this type of request for $60-$100.It has surprised me.Nothing to say those sellers…


Well, you can get a website for $5. The only problem is that it might be worth only $5 :slight_smile:
I’m sure there are sellers who would never do a website for $100 and they might look at your gigs in a different way.

There’s a seller for every buyer. Don’t worry about it. Let them sort it out :wink:


Web Designing package starting from $550


You’re referring to my gig?
Well, yes I know it’s a bit low, but it’s for very basic websites. Unfortunately Fiverr customers are a bit more sensitive when it comes to pricing :slight_smile:


I just check out your profile… I am not understanding why some kind of seller are giving those service at too low price…


It depends on the requirements.
There are plenty of free templates and if you’re using a decent builder then setting up a website with dummy content takes 10-15 minutes. If a buyer says that this is all they want then $5 is enough for some sellers.

I’m not charging my clients for setting up templates. I rebrand / rebuild online solutions that meet customer needs and contribute to their sales revenue. That’s a completely different thing. It requires knowledge & experience and this is what they pay for :slight_smile:

So I wouldn’t necessarily say that $5 is outrageous price without knowing the requirements. However, if a buyer comes with custom requirements and says they wish to increase their conversion by X% then $5 won’t help them.


You are right.:grinning:


You can’t actually know that all those offers were for $5. You only know that the buyer put $5 in their request but the sellers can send offers with the price they choose.
I’ve sent an offer with a different price than the BR had as budget before and got the job, it depends on the kind of buyer and on how well you can explain why the job they are asking for can’t reasonably be done for their ideal budget.


Thanks For giving this information.:grinning:


You are absolutely right !!


This has been my experience too. I tend to ignore the Buyer’ budget.


Also, a good chunk of those “offers” very well may have been spammy replies from sellers who didn’t even read the request or didn’t care to customize their response. Just an “order me” or something. Heck, I’m sure at least one of them has never even made a website.


You are right :grinning: