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Just tell me your secret


Everyone has a secret, e.g.

  1. a husband still miss his beautiful female classmate.
  2. a girl that is a tom boy.
  3. a son that accidently killed his mother.

If you don’t tell your secret to anyone in the world, you will feel sad and regret till you die.

But you don’t wanna tell it to anyone that know you…

So, I am your Tree Hole that provide a listener and chatting service to all the stranger.

Give me USD$10 for telling me your secret through Fiveer in-app messenger, and I will chat with you within 7 days, response within 24 hours. I hope that this Tree Hole service will make you happier.

I live in Hong Kong, my supported languages are English and Chinese. English is not my native language, but I will try my best to chat with you.