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Just, thank you Fiverr!

Have been on Fiverr for 7 years, and everything was OK, but now for the past 6 months, haven’t received any order.

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It’s not Fiverr’s job to give you orders or clients or anything.


Update your profile, gigs, videos, portfolio… This may help. It helps when I get stuck on no orders. I think it’s not only Fiverr who brings you orders. Have you been active? Non-active sellers don’t get contacted commonly. For example, I was on a vacation for 2 weeks, but still stayed active, cheching inbox every now and then. Once I returned, I immediately got orders from new buyers, not returning ones.

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Have we been all through this already, or is this a different problem?

You indicated you didn’t care about it. Why keep posting on this if this is the same thing?


I am happy about you, I have done many things for half year, including ppc Google, Facebook and so, no result for now

Yes, we have, but here I don’t talk about my ranking

Today I received 4 orders, just for 1 day…